Alien 3

We had 8 weeks in which to complete this demanding commission, for an 11’0” diameter Gothic Spiral Staircase. We produced detailed working and constructional design drawings and precisely dimensioned data for the Pattern-Maker. Wooden Patterns were made and passed to the Foundry for casting of treads and balusters in Iron, risers in Aluminium. The column and tread carriages, with welded on riser plates, were made in steel, each plate cut and pierced to allow light to pass through slots, matching those in the decorative cast aluminium riser.

Alien 3 Spiral Staircase

Engineer’s calculations had to be supplied, for health and safety reasons, and the work carried out efficiently and accurately, to meet the tight schedule. We were on site at Pinewood Studios with only hours to spare! We, subsequently, heard that when finished with, the staircase ended up in the U.S., with rather more money changing hands than the value of our commission – such is the fate of the Artist Craftsman!